Collision Reporting Center of North America
Call Us: 519-944-6261

When a collision occurs:

Motorists call 911 for instructions or drive directly to:
Collision Reporting Centre
2696 Jefferson Blvd
Windsor, Ontario

Note: Police arrange for vehicles to be towed to an approved CRC site

Motorists directed to CRC by 911 when:

Vehicles are drivable
No injuries
No criminal offence has occurred

If vehicles are not drivable:

    • Police arrange to tow vehicle to CRC-approved site
    • Police obtain all necessary information at collision scene
    • CRC (Collision Reporting Center) photograph the damaged vehicle
    • All information is merged into a comprehensive report by CRC
    • Motorists arrive at CRC site and are greeted by friendly staff
    • On-Site CRC staff takes report, including both driver’s statements and any witness’ statements
    • CRC staff digitally photograph the damaged vehicles

A file is created electronically that includes:

Police report; drivers’ statements; witness’ statements; and photographs

Subscribing insurers:

Insurers receive accident reports promptly to expedite repairs and damage claims

Obtaining accident reports by third parties:

Interested parties, including insurance companies, individuals, lawyers, adjusters, etc,
may obtain a CRC report on request and upon payment of a set fee.
Staff may provide motorist with their insurance companies’ contact information if requested