Collision Reporting Center of North America
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To Police Force:

Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) creates new efficiencies for policing
Tremendous cost reduction in accident investigation
Profit sharing with the Police Service from revenues generated through the sale of accident reports
Police Service are not required to be at the scene of every accident
Saves wear and tear on police cruisers and fuel
Officers are redeployed and are able to focus on protection and prevention
Better use of civilian Police Staff
Redeployed in other more important areas of policing
Eliminate costs in storage and retrieval of accident reports

To Insurance Carriers:

Greatly reduces fraudulent claims
Investigator grade reports
Timely resolution of claims
Higher customer satisfaction means greater retention

To Community/Motorists:

Better traffic management; vehicles not required to remain at scene
More efficient system provides convenience and safety
Expedited claims resolution
Motorists involved are removed from scene of collision quickly
Tensions are defused between motorists
Belligerent or aggressive third parties do not have to be confronted by motorists
CRC provides a safe and secure environment for the release of contact information
Collision Reporting Centers enhance public appreciation of the Police Service